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Visiting Financial Guru Dave Ramsey's Studio! financial guru

My budgets are Dave Ramsey Inspired.

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People ask me this a lot: What do I do for a living? Here’s the answer..I’m a magician. I am. For me, money grows on trees and is as abundant as raindrops falling from heaven. Yup…that’s it, heaven grants me my wishes and my heart’s desires simply because it is law. For real…all sacred texts say so…so why wouldn’t YOU believe it to be true?

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I am a student of Abraham-Hicks and the law of attraction. Much of what you see in my videos are a result of that. I co-create magic with the higher energy that a lot of people choose to call God or Allah or Spirit. That and I have really awesome friends.

But in layman’s terms, I am a computer software engineer by day and a landlord (which is really passive income for me). I earn about an additional $10K a year dibbling and dabbling in things as far and wide as book sales to eBate refunds to Amazon Mturk to consultant work to teaching workshops to accepting money for my birthday and to my latest…creating YouTube videos.

You can order autographed books directly from me using Cash.App or PayPal (all books are also available on amazon)

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Visiting Financial Guru Dave Ramsey's Studio!

Visiting Financial Guru Dave Ramsey's Studio!

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Visiting Financial Guru Dave Ramsey's Studio!
financial guru
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28 thoughts on “Visiting Financial Guru Dave Ramsey's Studio! financial guru”

  1. Wow what a beautiful studio! I didn't know he was Christian, that's awesome. It's always so nice to see the humble beginnings, it's so nice to have the motivation. Such a great thing how he's helped people. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Why am I not surprised "masks are not required"'. Wonder how many of his employees got sick. Had to bow out of this video once I heard that. I can add another reason to not care for DR to the list, lol but glad you and & Bae enjoyed yourselves.

  3. That's pretty cool! I followed Suze Orman's advice to become debt-free/build wealth and I would have LOVED to have visited where her show was filmed before it ended, so I understand your excitement!

  4. Ramsey is not someone to be admired. He praised his good Buddy, Rush Limbaugh, calling the well-known bigot a great guy. In addition, he’s currently being sued for discrimination firing a pregnant woman for having sex while letting one of his top personalities’ multiple affairs slide. I hate to be the party pooper. But, I want people, especially black women to know who they are supporting with their money and platforms. Ramsey does not deserve our support or admiration.

  5. This was great, I always wondered what the inside of Ramsey Solutions looked like! It’s a beautiful building. Side note I saw Chris Hogan’s materials in the store and wondered why they were there but then realized he left DR after your studio visit. Enjoyed this vlog!

  6. Somebody left a comment but deleted it…so let me address it here. The comment: ***otz commented: "You just got done saying Dave’s teachings aren’t legit w Rochelle! Confused…" No – I made a video saying FIVE things I IGNORED from Dave Ramsey and still got rich. I did NOT make a video saying his teachings are not legit. Here's the thing…People can study under a teacher and STILL not agree with EVERYTHING…it's called being able to think for yourself AND being able to apply what is useful to your unique situation. But for the DR fans out there, I will make a video called: 5 Dave Ramsey things I LOVE. Here's to confusing all of us.

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