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Home » Is Scotland on the road to independence? | FT financial times

Is Scotland on the road to independence? | FT financial times

As the 300-year-old union between Scotland and England strains under the pressures of Brexit and the pandemic, the FT’s Scotland correspondent Mure Dickie takes a road trip to gauge the mood ahead of parliamentary elections. Read more at

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Is Scotland on the road to independence? | FT

Is Scotland on the road to independence? | FT

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#Scotland #road #independence
Is Scotland on the road to independence? | FT
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34 thoughts on “Is Scotland on the road to independence? | FT financial times”

  1. There is a limit to the value of democracy. Emotionally Scottish people may want to feel they are self governing but the economic and practical reality stemming from adopting Sturgeon as leader rather than a Johnson has not been explored.

  2. Whatever you say…they just changed their name to the "GREEN PEA PARTY"….Now they have a manifesto pledge to remove Scotland from oil production and wipe out thousands of jobs….Well done the GREEN PEA PARTY !! and to all our real Scottish friends… Sorry to hear you are now ruled by the Green Pea's…for sure no one would ever consider voting for vegetables!!! Hang on…. SNP candidates… Hmmm…I think we found where the vegetables come into this…Ha Ha Ha!!

  3. Yet another pro independence pageant took place in Glasgow at the weekend.
    I didn`t fail to notice that the muster of the eternal outvoted was well down from erstwhile Braveheart days out.
    Once again its the minority clamerous, shouty, yahoos making unattainable demands.
    We all know the preponderance of Scots repudiate independence.
    Scotland will always be an integral and valued part of the United Kingdom.
    The Nationalists are forlorn.

  4. Back to the stoneage folks! scotland will have no money if we break away from England to fund the security of the country unless Sturgeon coughs up the 8 Billion she has stashed away! too many times has the snp watched braveheart and trired to live the dream! get a life you lot! wake up and smell the coffee!

  5. I find it funny how all the arguments made against an Indyref2 could’ve been used for Brexit, but are only relevant to undermine an independent Scotland

  6. Scotland must now stop waiting at John Bull's table for the scraps to be thrown to it. The time has come for Scots to stand on their own two feet and let go of England's apron strings, join the European Union and become a nation once again and cease being a wee province of England.

  7. brexit has proved beyond all doubt that britain is no sort of democracy . 63% of us didn't vote for brexit but the criminal conservative party pushed it through anyway . Now Scotland and Wales must take their rightful independence and Ireland must be united at last leaving the english police state isolated in it's decline … and good riddance to it . I was born there but recently I've been SO ashamed to be english

  8. Scotland hasn't voted for a Tory government in over 50 years, but every year they're stuck with one because the English vote for the Tories, and the English outnumber the Scots by about 13 to 1. As long as Scotland remains a part of the UK, it will NEVER get the government that it votes for, and it will never get what is best for Scotland. Scotland voted to remain in the EU. Instead, they got Brexit, thanks to the Tories.

    Also, the Tories in WM hold the Scottish people in utter contempt. One need only glance at the poem "Friendly Fire" by James Michie, published when Boris Johnson was editor of The Spectator in 2004. The poem starts with "The Scotch – what a verminous race!", and it only gets worse from there. And if you think that was a long time ago, and things must be better now, one need only look at the current behaviour of the English Tories in WM. If a Scottish MP stands to speak in Parliament, it is quite common for the English Tories to turn their backs and walk out of the room in a repulsive and ill-mannered display of contempt.

    What rational Scot would want to be governed by such a collection of hostile foreigners? England has a long history of mistreating its colonies. Just look at India or America. And has any former colony ever asked to be taken back under English rule? I can't think of a single one. Scotland would do much better as an independent country. Will it make mistakes? Almost certainly, but they will be Scottish mistakes, and Scotland has the talent, the resources and the creativity to manage on its own just fine. Alba gu bràth!

  9. Without the Media where would you be in the 'Positive Capital money Minded' modern minds of let's forget the Workers of the Past & focus on all the 'Badness' connected to all that 'poisonous' emitting 'Toxic' Word Working 'Proletariat' prior to Tech era Stress?

    Mainly Office Workers from the Past have Capitalised the 'Respect' today?
    Warm less fossil fuel using Countries still having next to nothing are Clear evidence of this 'An Englishman's Homeland' is someone else's 'Refuge' but not north of the Border.
    Rab C. Nesbit R.I.P.

  10. If they have any sense they won't want to remain in union with the unwelcoming negatively nostalgic isolationist monolingual xenophobic jingoistic anachronism that is Tory England morphed into the English Workers Party.

  11. On this 64 year "elderly" Dane`s disk still stands a Scots Rifleman, I "Swap`d in" at age 12 on a Scout camp in Rold Skov Jamborre in North Jutland/DK, – manny, – manny years ago, Those young Scotsmen made a huge impression, with there jokes, – friendlyness, – song and sketches at the fire in the evening, – but by good we hate that Backpibe early in the morning.
    Whatever your Scots choose – This guy will accept it – Best wishes SCOTLAND

  12. As an American I know I don't have much of a stand here, but I believe in working for independence if you believe you can do better.

    You are under no obligation to bow to a king or a government that forgets to treat you fairly. Security is good…but the ability to make your own security on your own terms…you need to decide whether or not it's worth it.

  13. I see a lot of these videos exploring people’s emotions and feelings about what they reckon would be best for Scotland. What I don’t see much is a coherent economic argument for Scottish independence in a post-“Scotland’s Oil” campaign. And this is overlooking a period of uncertainty in which Scotland would likely be a member of neither UK nor EU. Would the Scottish people get a guarantee they could rejoin the EU? Would the conditions of this membership be known ahead of a putative Indyref2? Does it make sense to rail against membership of one trading bloc (UK) in favour of being a member of another, less significant (in terms of Scotland’s trading partners) one (EU)? I would agree that, qualitatively, the current Scottish leadership comes across as more modern and empathetic than any of the recent Tory leaderships in the UK, but like all democratic governments, these are temporary, so is it wise to make permanent changes in reaction to them? In the end, the only arguments I ever see for Scottish independence are emotive ones, which, much like Brexit, seem wholly unwise.

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