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How to Ace a Digital Marketing Job Interview digital marketing app

You got this opportunity for this amazing digital marketing job, but you’re nervous, you’re stressed out. What questions are they going to ask you? What should …

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How to Ace a Digital Marketing Job Interview

How to Ace a Digital Marketing Job Interview

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How to Ace a Digital Marketing Job Interview
digital marketing app
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23 thoughts on “How to Ace a Digital Marketing Job Interview digital marketing app”

  1. Have you ever applied for a digital marketing job and been like, "Hey, what are they going to ask me? What do I need to know?" Say "yes" in the comments if you have.

  2. What piece of advice would you give someone who has worked as a traditional marketer but keen to make a career move to digital marketing? What courses should be taken? Does certifications from AMA add value? How to land the first job as a non digital marketing professional? Btw I love your contents and would really appreciate any advice from you.

  3. Watching this before my first interview out of school for a digital marketing analyst assistant job, These questions helped me feel better about how i prepared and set up for the future hope for the best !

  4. Hey Neil,
    Thank you for sharing these tips.

    One (long) comment I want to make, as I think these tips are more adapted to "modern" structures who have good marketing teams.

    "Traditional" large companies sometimes have CMOs that are clueless about everything you talk about in these videos, cohorts, backlinks etc. It's the very basis of digital marketing and they've never heard it.

    They know "website", "Adwords", "facebook ads". That's it.
    They could almost think you're some kind of weird nerd if you use too many of these marketing terms. Which is crazy.

    These usually aren't Big Tech or Silicon Valley-like companies – so not software or training companies for example- they'd be more companies in healthcare or banking or automotive etc. where the Head of Marketing would typically be a guy or woman who's done magazine paper ads & radio ads & attending events & emailing their audience manually for the last 20 years to sell the company's products, and they'd consider digital campaigns as just an additional way to promote stuff – a "nice to have".

    Many of these companies still remain attractive for young digital mkt professionals, because they pay well and provide many advantages.

    So, what sometimes happens (unfortunately) is that you arrive at the interview, super motivated with examples etc.
    You then see a bunch of desperate housewives and old Family Dad kind of dudes (no offense to more experienced professionals reading this – just joking ; ) having coffee and complaining about how long it's going to take to create and send that "mailchimp newsletter".

    And gossiping about news like "Apparently Prince Harry has been doing x and y this weekend".

    You start talking with your potential future boss, and you realize after 5 minutes that he doesn't have a clue. So you start using more and more "easy" words to make sure he gets what you mean. You start explaining what each feature you mention, does.

    You explain the function {keyword} in an text ad content in Adwords, you explain how automated campaigns could make people come back to the website more often, how a membership plan could make people become more loyal to your brand, how an affiliate program could make the sales explode, etc.

    The manager is like: "OK, well, it's good to have new ideas, but you know we already have a lot to deal with. We send 4 emails a day given we have 25 different products and each product needs to be advertised regularly, etc. You will need to put these emails together.
    This year, you'll also have to fully revamp the website, we want everything red now to fit the brand, not green. An agency will do that for us, you will work with them, the project will last 6 months". (I exaggerate a tiny bit).

    My point is: there's still a huge generation gap in many of these companies where internal seniority often means being more likely to get the C-level or the Director level job. Skills and results, not always. (I just turned 30 myself – was a team leader in smaller startups, but never in one of these "traditional large companies".)

    Therefore, you get really frustrated, everything is already decided and you become an executive rather than someone who can provide recommendations, suggestions, test different things, etc. If you start challenging or "proposing too many ideas", you just don't get the job, or you just get asked to "stick to your tasks and that's it" once you're hired and into the job. So, eventually, you leave.

    The CMO/ Mkt Director doesn't get why you would improve this and that, because the results aren't too bad after all, and "this is the way it's been working here for years – we've always done it this way!'. And, "if" the results are bad, the company can always fire a few people at the bottom and keep the management team to continue : ). Most of these companies are often in an industry with less competition and so they stick to marketing from the 90s/2000s. A sad truth.

    I had myself this kind of bad experience with 3 companies. I've (thanks God) worked for more innovative and "smarter" companies, too, mainly design & mobile app agencies. But at the end of the day, if you really want to learn a lot and be hands-on, and test what you feel like testing, the best way is freelancing (so you're the one doing the recommendations, and you don't need to do what a boss asks you to) or having your own business.

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  6. Woow…i am amazed to see that you are replying to each and every comments… You are the best example of how to engage with your potential customers and make every one of them feel special..

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