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Home » How could the Evergrande crisis in China cause US Real Estate values to collapse j b finance

How could the Evergrande crisis in China cause US Real Estate values to collapse j b finance

How could the Evergrande crisis in China cause US Real Estate values to collapse.

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How could the Evergrande crisis in China cause US Real Estate values to collapse

How could the Evergrande crisis in China cause US Real Estate values to collapse

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How could the Evergrande crisis in China cause US Real Estate values to collapse
j b finance
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21 thoughts on “How could the Evergrande crisis in China cause US Real Estate values to collapse j b finance”

  1. Interesting that Australia will be hit so hard by this and they coincidentally implemented the strictest lockdowns. I'm guessing that was pre planning to ensure citizens remain in their homes and not take to the streets.

  2. I still think it will be inflation and a continuous amount of bad news that will tip the balance. People are still in the fear of missing out phase and still think house prices will continue rising forever

  3. That was a brilliant take on that they will of course liquidate their non Chinese properties first.

    A small but most important detail.

    All what is happening now was planned a long long time ago and have been planned out rigorously.

    There is a family and a state in Europe with not many citizens but still the most powerful in the world the last two hounded years, and no other state didn’t even com close.

    What is happening now is the pre planned takedown of the power that family and state had.
    Because it is so hard for most people to comprehend how wide and deep the influence of this nation and family has been it has to be shown gradually and slowly so not everybody freaks out.

  4. Ninja I once read that Chinas Yuan is backed by their real estate values and that this has always been problematic be ausevthey set the value of their own real estate. If this is true what does this do to their currency?

  5. Thanks for that wonderful information, but you don't need to invest in BTC when you don't understand the trading analysis.
    I was ignorant of these analysis till I met with Mrs Alicia, who taught me all I should know about investing BTC.
    Now I am no longer panicked when BTC is either going up or down, all I do I channel my energy towards investing and I make profit

  6. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  7. Am I the only one who's elated that this is happening to these pricks and others like them that have turned the housing market into a casino over the last 20 years?

  8. Remember the term "Under Water" from the 2008 real estate crisis? Isn't this coming for all those who desperately paid waaaaay over value for all those properties? I see dominos falling here. God Bless!

  9. Nothing in China will effect the US, The US is not going into a crisis, it's going into a correction and restructure. Gone will be 20 years of corporate and political geocide , oppression and tyranny. It's not God I have faith in. It's the American soldier and the silent majority. Not the business or pollical parties, The best part they did it to themselves , there's no need to do a anything. Just walk away. What will be will be for them and they won't have a say. There be no suing or call for justice. The consequences of their choices is enough. It's great to be a American just not a democrat or republican

  10. During the 08 housing bubble I worked for a small utility company. I was constantly turning on the service connections to homes getting bought up by Chinese investors in my area. These guys were buying up every vacant new home that wasn’t getting sold in the market after the bottom fell out. It was a very weird time. They were also building commercial buildings with Chinese only steel at that time.

  11. 4:30 I am not sure I would agree with this sentiment. If a Chinese company already has holdings in the safe haven of being outside of China, why would they liquidate that in order to rescue their assets within China? After all the trouble they had gone through dodging the capital flight restriction that has been implemented by China for years prior. I am not sure why any property developer or investment firm would use good money (oversea assets) to chase after the bad.

    Best example: Li Ka Shing, one of the richest man in Asia at one point, foresaw this and spent better part of last decade moving his net worth from Hong Kong to oversea. During the time of the most insane property boom, he missed out on the rally so he can move all his assets to safety.

  12. Like your channel and the work you do, BUT please do better due diligence, look at the actual report, and do some simple math yourself and don’t just take somebody’s word for it from some article. Total volume of existing home sales from 2021 report is $1.96 trillion. Chinese bought only $4.5 billion of that, which is a small fraction of just one percent of the total market (0.23% to be more precise). So even in the unlikely event that ALL Chinese stop buying US real estate, the impact will be totally insignificant to effect 2 trillion dollar market. Thus, Chinese buyers are not able to move US real estate market. Moreover, even if ALL foreigners from ALL countries stop buying US real estate, the impact will be just $54.4 billion (numbers from the report) which is only 2.8% of the total. Such small fraction cannot put any significant dent in the market, sorry man 🙂

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