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Gary Coombe, President, P&G Europe p&g finance

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Gary Coombe, President, P&G Europe

Gary Coombe, President, P&G Europe

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Gary Coombe, President, P&G Europe
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37 thoughts on “Gary Coombe, President, P&G Europe p&g finance”

  1. The only way to get me to buy a Gillette product again is to get rid of this man. If he doesn't give a shit about the value of the company, he can't guarantee a valuable product.

  2. Was it worth it? Stay tuned because your stupid decisions have tanked this company. Gillette will be out of business in 5 years. You’re about to see real toxic masculinity. You sir, are a disgrace. I can’t believe you absolutely insulted 90% of your customer base and then back tracked and expect that to fix the damage you have done. P & G you will reap this disgraceful seed you have sown.


    The Toxic Males

  3. This Gary Coombe is a weak useless rat. Total disaster! and JOKE! Who would take advice from this loser!
    Toxic to Gillette Brand and will poison P&G.
    BOYCOT P&G PRODUCTS! Never buying GILLETTE or P&G ever again. What an asshole. So embarrising..

  4. You along with Samantha Bee, Marc Prichard, Kim Gehrig, Mark Zuckerberg, Susan Wojcicki, John King, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Hillary Clinton, the MSM and the majority of Hollywood are reasons why Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States. If this was a company he owned, he would be upset and ashamed of you Gary. With your awful Gillette ad campaign, you not only made P&G lose over $8,000,000,000, you have made Trump’s chances of winning 2020 easier. Can’t wait to see your reaction when he gets reelected.

  5. Doesn't everyone just hate this Business, corporate twaddle. Be part of a team, company integrity, love the brand, blah blah… where do these people come from?

  6. This guy is a complete and total moron. Wont be buying a Gillette product again and from this moment on i will be checking the back of each product i buy to see if its made by P&G so i can avoid them. Oh.. and btw. Your video was boring and pretentious.. a bit like yourself i imagine, you sanctimonious weasel.

  7. just look at this piece of shit. for all of you who are wondering "why"… they got dirt on this guy, on video, and its real ugly. to view it would make you even angrier

  8. The soy filled Beta male who lost P&G $8 Billion pandering to feminists who don't buy his products. Board of directors and the stockholders need to BOOT his ass.

  9. Gary Coombe is a change agent; I've changed to shaving with a safety razor. It is a better shave and it is more environmentally sound. A disposable razor with half a dozen blades featuring an aloe and vitamin strip is a joke. Go back to England you Limey.

  10. I know of no better way to destroy an organization than to follow the advice of men-hating feminists.
    Hopefully other companies will learn from your colossal mistake.

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