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Evolution Of The Desk technology evolution

“Evolution of the Desk” is an initiative borne out of the Harvard Innovation Lab. The goal is to illustrate the impact that technology has had on our lives over the last 35 years. A cluttered desk, complete with a rolodex, a file cabinet, and a fax machine, transforms into a much cleaner, simpler surface consisting of only a laptop and a mobile phone. Of course, some things in life – like the sun – are everlasting, so the shades persist throughout the years.

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All of the vintage items featured in this video are authentic. The Macintosh Classic, corded phone, fax machine, globe, corkboard, Polaroid camera, and rolodex were all purchased through individual sellers on Ebay. The radio was acquired from Goodwill, and the picture frame came from The rest of the items were found lying around in basements, storage units, and garage sales. And the sunglasses? Those were easy since we actually still own a pair.

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How has your desk changed over the years?

Photography by
Engineering by Anton Georgiev

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Evolution Of The Desk

Evolution Of The Desk

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Evolution Of The Desk
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46 thoughts on “Evolution Of The Desk technology evolution”

  1. My fucc ing 20-year-old desk is uncomfortable as can be, it has a Floor, and it was high, over time I removed a little drawer-like thing that made it more inconfortable as I grew taller, imagination my dad working on the darn thing brings me anger, who the hell could even design that?

  2. Why do they show a Macintosh in 1980 (although Apple didn't release the first Macintosh until 1984) then immediately switch to a circa 1998 PowerBook for 1981 through 2005, and then to a late model MacBook for the remainder? What a poor representation of the evolution

  3. Literally my life as a modern urban slicker who lives a minimalism life with just only my laptop,smartphone,wifi,FitBit and other stuff like portable hard disk drive, backup battery and portable mobile hotspot

  4. So that's the logic of iDiots and their products that cost 1000$+ per device? You can use the same apps on a Android device/Laptop that will lost you less than 500e + You can make a party with the rest of money. Sorry iDiots you are not invited to the party 😀

  5. а я все рано люблю канцелярию.. И важные вещи записываю в обычный блокнот.. Ибо комп изменчивая вещь  – сегодня света нет, завтра диск посыплется.

  6. а потом хорошая электромагнитная вспышка и  человечество в каменном веке – ни знаний, ни контактов, ни архивов, ни памяти.

  7. For an aware Humanity, Knowledge for a better world :
    – Fraternity : We are same species (Homo Sapiens). Languages, religions, nations are inventions from human imagination.
    – Degrowth : Earth is overpopulated, overexploited, overpolluted. Less births, better consumption and reforestation for a living planet.

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