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Welcome in! Thanks for stopping by! In today’s video I will talk to you about a stock that I want to buy $90K in options! I will tell you exactly what stock this is! More importantly I will tell you exactly why I think this is a good option play and why I am doing it compared to my wealth. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Do you think this is a good option play for this stock? Also let me know what stock to buy now.

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Financial Education

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LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch! .

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38 thoughts on “$90k GOING IN THIS STOCK NEXT TO HEDGE OR 5X (PUT OPTIONS) financial education”

  1. Now I finally understand what is hedging, such a great explanation)))))) It's not more about gain, it's about extra cash that can get from selling Put option to buy more favorite stocks for a good price

  2. Peeps! Is it ok to laugh when he lost $250K in a day. I just want a peace of mind. I realize it is a strange question. I have $800K and got rather peeved when I lost $20 on a sport bet. Thanks

  3. remember when you lost a crap load back in the days buying stocks into earnings? i sense some dejavu with these put options

  4. Hi Jeremy, I'm watching your videos from the beginning and learn a lot from them. I've made 10x on gtec and was proud that I've found it over 6 months before you mention it in your private group.
    If I can give something from myself…
    There will be wild uranium bullmarket which is starting now.
    There is a small company called Valore Metals ticker VO.V in Canada and $KVLQV in US.
    Managment is absolutly 1st class, just like Nort. CEO recently invested over 3M$ of his own money, they own uranium projects and absolutely great PGM project in Brasil.
    Value here is absolutly crazy, just like Gtec was when I bought at 0.10c.
    Please do your DD and you will make a tone of moeny.
    Your welcome.

  5. Just a thought for you guys, I would love to hear a debate/dialogue on your next Millennial Money episode between Jeremey and Kevin about what they see and what gets them excited about a stock opportunity. For example Kevin is super excited about Affirm even though it's a like a 30+ sales multiple for 2022 compared to like Tattooed Chef at around a 10 sales multiple. Appreciate the consideration and all you guys do to educate us. Thanks

  6. Index invest, diversify by sector and country, use registered accounts first (exclusively), stay away from margin, dollar-cost-average, wait 20-30 years….profit. Its still shocking that investing is not really taught at the high school level. If I knew at 19 what I know now…..retirement at 40 would have been easy peasy.

  7. Is it ok to laugh at someone(big youtube personality) losing $250,000 in a day? I want to have a peace of mind. I realize it is an odd question. I have $800K and got super angry at losing $20 in a sport bet. thanks

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  9. Nobody can become financially successful over night. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.

  10. But when is the exp date of your puts? If RH trades sideways or goes down but not as much as your puts, you would lose those $90k you spend on those puts without your underlying going up too much.

  11. If you'd have done this with SAM a little while back it would've paid big depending upon how far out/strike. You should probably explain that this strategy is only for a company that you absolutely hate and thing is drastically over-valued on bogus news…… Like in the Boston Beer situation, ever-growing high valuations and for whatever reason people thought that disgusting seltzer crap was some new invention that would make 30 million overnight alcoholics.

  12. I have owned RH for a while and will continue to and add if it goes down…..I would not PUT it unless it is with a tight stop and then get out. This is a great company. This is a flier. Puts are trades only ….most times it is hard to make REAL money PUTTING.shocked by him.

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