Where to go Saturday Night, 11/22/14

There’s quite a bit going on this weekend here in Providence. Maybe it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving rush to do all the things before everyone has to cook and/or travel.  In this flurry of pre-holiday activity, each of my usual haunts has an opening reception on Saturday night! If I didn’t have an opening to oversee at Hera Gallery, I would attend all the openings. Thankfully GRIN had a soft opening for Gallery Night tonight and I know the outside curator who’s organizing the show at Yellow Peril, which means that I can share a preview of both with you!

GRIN, TEEM: An Installation and Flatfile Exhibition Featuring 35 Artists, Sat 12-9pm


Julianne Merino, “Running on Waves”, Ink, Watercolor, Spray Paint, Gold Powder, and Pen, 2014

With 35 participating artists with numerous works on display, TEEM is certain to keep you occupied looking for art. While each artist has one represented on the walls, the heart of the exhibition is hidden in flatfile drawers. GRIN has provided white gloves to handle the art (be gentle!) but once they’re on you can dive right in!


Rebecca Volynsky


Sophia Sobers, “Dreams on Deseart Sands I”, Handmade Kozu, Ink, Thread, 9″x6″, 2014

If the flatfiles are occupied (and I’m sure they will be at the opening) then there’s a wide array of installation work that includes an apparently heavy partial deer. I’m definitely going to have to go back and look through the files again as I’m sure more will catch my eye. I’ll be going again when it’s quiet and I won’t have to share the drawers.


Kate Drewniak, “Surfacing”, Found Paper and Thread, 2014

Yellow Peril Gallery: Naughty or Nice, Curated by Brooke Goldstein, Sat 6-9pm


Brooke Goldstein

Right next door to GRIN, Yellow Peril has another group show opening as well. This means that between two galleries in Olneyville you can see the works of over fifty artists! It’s being curated by Brooke Goldstein and is channeling the aura of a holiday party gone wrong. Santa will be watching you in this state of surveillance, maybe even keeping an eye on what you buy! And believe you me, there are some items that could tip you over onto the naughty list.

IMG_5823There will be a wide variety of art and fine craft on display for purchase with something for everyone. Jewelry, ceramics, and even knives there will be a shop element in one half of the gallery. In the other half you’ll find yourself being watched in a cozy living room surrounded by art. I didn’t get to see it complete, but I know it’s going to be fun!



Hera Gallery: Into the Garden and Myths & Revelations, Sat 6-8pm

John Kotula

John Kotula

If you find yourself at points south of Providence on Saturday, you should stop by Hera for the opening receptions of two solo exhibitions. John Kotula’s Into the Garden explores the possibilities of color combination within the flowers of one’s garden. He’s hand colored five versions of 5 different flowers.

Jason Smith, "Revelation: 16" (Detail), Oil and Acrylic on Dura-Lar, 2014

Jason Smith, “Revelation: 16” (Detail), Oil and Acrylic on Dura-Lar, 2014

Jason Smith’s Myths & Revelations illustrates tales from ancient mythologies and the Bible with intricately placed dots of oil and acrylic paint. He paints on clear sheets of Dura-Lar that float off the background. This is going to be a very colorful show just in time for the advent of grey winter.


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