Hello Thursday

Hello Thursday… you snuck up on me.

I’m not going to lie, I’m in a bit of a writing funk/block right now. It’s going to take some working through, but I still want to share with you what’s going on this weekend that I know of at the very least.

Friday night holds openings that I’d love to attend, but since I am otherwise engaged (alas… I am working) I can at least spread the good word. “Layered” is opening up at Candita Clayton Gallery and “She” at the David Winton Bell Gallery. I will try to get to both of these in the near future as “Layered” looked great from the installation shots I saw online. Also I’ve yet to visit the David Winton Bell Gallery and they’re bringing in some big names for this exhibition (Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusuma, and Cindy Sherman to name but a few).

Saturday you should head over to Yellow Peril to eat all the candy whilst enjoying the work of Nafis White and Garcia Sinclair. Then pop over to GRIN to see “Great Acceptations” from Pat Falco.  Your mood will effect how you interpret his work thus my recommendation of visiting the temporary candyland next door first. Remember… I have a standing dare to you all to eat the double salted licorice.  Also, I believe there’s a Halloween shindig at The Steel Yard from 5-9.

If you’re heading south towards the Washington (aka South) County area, there’s the Saunderstown Weaving School‘s 40th anniversary exhibition at Hera Gallery (Saturday 10-4) and the Halloween Festival & Children’s Parade in Wakefield (Sat 3-6). I also saw that there’s the West Bay Open Studios on Saturday and Sunday.

There’s so much going on right now that it’s hard to keep track of it all without writing it down. I’m working on a calendar to stay on track so that I have less of these “OH NO! IT’S THURSDAY!” blog posts. If anyone has any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below! I’m always on the lookout for new places to visit and artists to discover in Providence and beyond.

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