Two Years…

Two years ago, I started this blog with the intention of improving my critical art writing in preparation of applying to graduate schools. I fully dedicated myself to the practice of blogging for at least a year, enforcing deadlines, searching for new places to write about, engaging with artists in their own studios. It was an enjoyable process that gave me purpose. You only have to go into the archives to see that.

One year ago, I had just finished curating my first REAL exhibition. An experience that took everything that I had and more to bring it to fruition. Afterwards, I was spent. I had little energy to invest in writing about the art that I was viewing, though I could still drive off in search of it. My time also became limited with the steady decline of my paternal grandmother’s health and the familial obligations that came with that. Since our time was given a definitive limit, I needed to give whatever I could to her. This was not a solo process, as all of us gave what we could to her in those final months. During this time, I attempted the graduate school application process. Though I did interview with my dream school, I did not get in this time around. I could at least tell my grandmother about the interview days before she left us.

It was also during this time, that I started to work on small, mixed media pieces to tap into my need to create. At first I began with a simple panel and attacked it with various and sundry things from around the house. I am a bit of a hoarder, but on a more moderate scale. It enabled me to really work on something physically at home where installation is not an option. Perhaps with so many endings surrounding me, I needed that outlet. Well, that outlet has become a bit of a rough practice.

I have 10 up now at Hera Gallery (which I left as director in March) and I like the direction in which they are heading. Working with artists for so long, it feels right to assume the role again. I know that it must always be present in my life. But while the visual elements have been easily accessible over this past year, I’ve let the written ones fall to the wayside. An egregious error on my part for certain, but perhaps on this, the anniversary of my blog, I can start the path towards a balance between both worlds.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll be writing frequently at the moment. Nor can I guarantee that my writing will be strong right now, but I can say that I’ll be here from time to time. At the very least, monthly posts.

I’m still seeing art and exploring what is happening at all levels. I promise that I’ll share when I can.

Here’s to another two years. I don’t know what to expect from them, but I know that they’ll be full of wondrous things.

Green, Purple, Orange #1 (Amy), Mixed Media, Abigael McGuire, 2016, 6" x 6"

Green, Purple, Orange #1 (Amy), Mixed Media, Abigael McGuire, 2016, 6″ x 6″

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  1. J. Fatima Martins / Artscope

    Hoping to see these individual pieces expand into a larger installation; an installation that reflects your ongoing process of gathering/ assembling together family of friends.


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