Black Superheroes at URI: Schedule

The University of Rhode Island’s Main Gallery is hosting an exhibition that celebrates and explores the representation of black superheroes in the mainstream comic industry and American pop culture. With large format prints straight from the pages and covers of comics, the space has been transformed into a world of color and action leaping off the walls. I intend on Continue Reading →

Changes: Landscapes by Ida Schmulowitz at URI

When viewing the large scale paintings of Changes: Landscapes by Ida Schmulowitz, there are many underlying stories worked into the fibers and pigments of the canvas. Schmulowitz’s work explores not only the day to day shifts in light and season, but the long term changes that occur in our ever evolving surroundings. The world is in a state of constant Continue Reading →

Annu Matthew, “Open Wound” at URI

When viewing any body of work from Annu Matthew, one should expect an exploration of societal roles and cultural identity through photographic means. For example, in her Indian from India series, Matthew composed images merging the pose and aesthetic of nineteenth century Native American portraits using items and attire from India. With The Virtual Immigrant, she merges two images of Continue Reading →

Paul Forte, “Poetic Vision” at URI Main Gallery

On display now at the URI Main Gallery, Poetic Vision: The Art of Paul Forte- Selected Works 1974-2014 presents the work of artist and poet Paul Forte. While the artist considers it to be more of a survey than a retrospective, it certainly serves as a way to observe a collection of a life’s work spent in the pursuit of Continue Reading →

“Narrative” at the URI Art Gallery

I try to keep abreast of what’s going on in the art world of this small state, usually through means of social media. My move to the capital city meant that I’d be closer to the action! Less driving to where there’s more frequent events. Part of this was being able to visit more galleries, and there’s quite a few Continue Reading →