Gorgeous Weekend of Art

Spring has been slowly emerging this year, but then again it had to combat its way against the worst winter that I’ve ever lived through (I’ve NEVER seen the bay freeze over like that!). So here, on the first weekend of May, we had absolutely gorgeous weather! It may have spurred a bit of spring fever in us all, but Continue Reading →

RISD Museum: Design the Night-Blueprint

Sometimes the universe takes you exactly where you need to be and tonight my cohort and I made an impromptu trip to the RISD Museum after realizing that we had dates mixed up for our original plans. Tonight was their Design the Night opening reception for Drawing Ambience: Alvin Boyarsky and the Architectural Association which meant that the museum was Continue Reading →

RISD Museum’s “Design the Night”

Tonight, I went to the RISD museum to partake in their “Design the Night” event. Now, normally I will visit a space, mull over it, write up my first impressions within a day or two, mull it over again, refresh my memory with some internet research, tweak and add, mull it over a bit more, final tweaks, then POST! Quite Continue Reading →