Gallery Night May 2015

We began tonight’s Providence Gallery Night on the East Side at the Henry Lippitt House for the outdoor installation “Stories Untold” by Aaron Pexa. We continued downtown and discovered Stella Zhong, a RISD BFA Grad, and her thesis exhibition, “Unnamable”. I was particularly intrigued by her use of this empty store front and the constructs she built inside. Moving towards Continue Reading →

By Appointment Only

When I made my appointment to see Yellow Peril Gallery’s off hours exhibition, I had no idea that the work would be (somewhat) tailored towards me and my preferences. Van and Robert have been shifting the work around the space constantly between visits, though I’m guessing that’s mostly the smaller work. I couldn’t imagine them shifting the larger installations. While Continue Reading →

Where to go Saturday Night, 11/22/14

There’s quite a bit going on this weekend here in Providence. Maybe it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving rush to do all the things before everyone has to cook and/or travel.  In this flurry of pre-holiday activity, each of my usual haunts has an opening reception on Saturday night! If I didn’t have an opening to oversee at Hera Gallery, I Continue Reading →

Toby Barnes, “Altared States” at Yellow Peril Gallery

I am always excited for an opening at the Yellow Peril Gallery. Part of this bias could be due to the fact that I know the owners and that they are LOVELY people. On top of that, I usually find that the quality of art they exhibit meets my tastes or at the very least is of world class caliber. Continue Reading →