AS220: December Openings

Saturday I made a long overdue trip to a major cultural hub here in Providence, the many spaces of AS220. Established as a small artists space (Hence the “AS”) in 1985, AS220 has grown to be one of major leaders of Providence’s artistic cultural identity. It’s a music venue, performance space, multiple art galleries, workshop, artist living space, and restaurant Continue Reading →

“Spelunk” at Aurora Providence

On tonight’s agenda was a visit to Aurora Providence downtown to check out Spelunk: a cave party art show and trance dance. I was a little irked heading in because parking downtown can be a bit of a headache (should just take the bus to avoid the anger it induces), but the walk cooled me off. I heard about this Continue Reading →

Jamestown Arts Center 2014 Members’ Show

Tonight brought some unexpected changes to my initial itinerary, but I’m glad that I made them as I got to see work I might otherwise not have seen and met up with Hera based artists outside of our usual setting. I also made the trek to another gallery, but I must say that I enjoyed myself much more at this Continue Reading →

Iron Pour at The Steel Yard

I had been meaning to check out The Steel Yard for awhile now, as it’s been a place I’ve seen posting interesting things on social media and in discussions with friends. The opportunity to head down presented itself in the 9th Annual Iron Pour which had a mad science theme. I was able to meet up with a few friends Continue Reading →

Black Holes of Endless Art

Hello everyone! It has been a quiet week for art related events on my end, so I’ve been wracking my brain as what to write. I have an extremely personal piece that I might post on Thursday, but it’s still pretty raw and rough at the moment. In the meanwhile, I figured I’d share something on a MUCH lighter note: Continue Reading →