Gorgeous Weekend of Art

Spring has been slowly emerging this year, but then again it had to combat its way against the worst winter that I’ve ever lived through (I’ve NEVER seen the bay freeze over like that!). So here, on the first weekend of May, we had absolutely gorgeous weather! It may have spurred a bit of spring fever in us all, but Continue Reading →

NCECA Inspired Exhibitions II

With NCECA in full swing last week, there were countless exhibitions and receptions around the region. While I missed out on the Thursday set, I did try to make quite a few of the Friday ones. I had a huge list of places to stop by and check out, but it had been a busy day (which included meeting our Continue Reading →

“Our First Show”, SEEN Gallery

A new space has recently entered the Pawtucket scene, holding their first opening this past Saturday night. SEEN Gallery is right on East Ave in a very historic part of Pawtucket (Across the street is an old “Boys Club” building which helps date the amazing brick buildings surrounding the space). They opened their doors with a thirteen artist group exhibition Continue Reading →

Gallery Z

After making a pit stop at Venda Ravioli (for what else but ravioli), I was determined to head over to Gallery Z on Atwells Ave to see how it’s changed since my last visit well over a year ago. Change indeed has come over this space, but only because they have expanded and assigned each space a different purpose. While Continue Reading →

Coffee Shops & Art

Coffee shops can be great venues for artists to display their work. It’s a balance of finding the right place and getting a good vibe from the owners, but it can be a good step in exhibiting work, especially for emerging artists. The patrons of the coffee shop get exposed to your work when they get much needed caffeine, though Continue Reading →