Relay Week 4, Day 1 & Week 3 Recap

Relay Week 3 was AMAZING! It was the perfect break after TWO weeks of intense art making and David’s projector based installation was simple in aesthetic, yet complex in it’s execution. I unfortunately missed out on the big push Friday night when installing the projectors, but as a person with only moderate computer skills, I would have just been moral Continue Reading →

Revisited: David Namhon Kim, “Husk” at Yellow Peril

Husk from David Namhon Kim is one of those exhibitions where science and art have been so intricately intertwined, that you forget where one begins and the other ends. The living breathing piece that is Proliferation remains in a constant state of flux. While grass seeds work on their relatively slow progression towards a more plantlike state, countless laboratory grade, Continue Reading →

David Namhon Kim, “Husk” at Yellow Peril

David Namhon Kim‘s sculptures and installation are currently on display at Yellow Peril Gallery, but you shouldn’t think that one visit will suffice for the experience that it entails. I’ll be posting more pictures with a follow up text probably next week, but if you can only visit once, I’ve been told that in week three, “Proliferation” will be at Continue Reading →