Spring Cleaning

Hello All!

Here we are! April 4th, 2016… the day that winter decided that it wasn’t done with us just quite yet. Poor trees and flowers… they must be so confused (in the plant sense).

Anywho, I HAD planned on a big triumphant return to the blog-o-sphere with a longer think piece on the nature of art fairs, but that will just have to be on hold for now. There is change in the wind!

According to Abigael WILL BE MOVING in the next few weeks to it’s own site with the title as the url. Transferring domains isn’t too hard, but I may be temporarily down for a day or two this month.

THIS site will be my portfolio. Portfolio of what? Oh just shows that I’ve curated, the installation pieces I’ve created, and my epic “bad art” color study series that’s growing day by day. I’ll be showing them this summer at Hera with an installation piece in a group show. I need to get cranking on that project! I also have some curatorial projects that will be coming off the back burner and into full proposal development.

There are more things to come, but I’ve been working more on my artistic practice than my writing practice at the moment. There will be less posts than I previously tackled, but my goals are for quality now… not quantity.

Expect the move soon and a full overhaul of the site. It’s spring cleaning after all! (Not that you’d know if you looked outside and saw the 6″ of snow that just got dumped on us)

See you all soon! Cheers!


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