“Spelunk” at Aurora Providence

On tonight’s agenda was a visit to Aurora Providence downtown to check out Spelunk: a cave party art show and trance dance. I was a little irked heading in because parking downtown can be a bit of a headache (should just take the bus to avoid the anger it induces), but the walk cooled me off. I heard about this exhibition from a Hera Member (Mike Yefko) who was participating and it sounded like a great chance to see something outside the usual gallery/museum circuit. Aurora is an interesting space as it’s a bar and music venue that hosts art exhibitions as well. I think that for the aura of the cave, it was a well chosen space for the audience to engage with. Heck they even had headlamps for us all to wear!

IMG_5756  IMG_5745

While the walls predominantly held the painted work of Anonymous (not so Anonymous to this author however…), there was work from three other artists as well. Mike Yefko provided a ceiling installation, Carl Hirsch had sculptural work, and Christine Kim had costume design. I arrived just in time for the music to kick in. Whether or not it was the soundscape by Mortise and Tenon or music from Scribble I am not certain. All I know is that they were jamming out with some smooth tunes (Is that what the kids say these days? Meh.).



When looking at the sculptural work I couldn’t help but start to ponder the effect of viewing the work as we view the cave paintings of prehistoric times. It brought a feeling that I could be some far flung future archaeologist on a dig studying our current societal remains. It’s a feeling I’ll find in old, abandoned buildings or out in abandoned towns in the desert.



Perhaps we were all meant to be archaeologists spelunking in this temporal cave. It certainly provided an engaging way to experience the work, though a few pieces did feel a bit to clean for a cave. Then again, it was a contemporary cave and who’s to say that they wouldn’t be slightly cleaner than our prehistoric counterparts. I was certainly glad for the lack of bats and their guano.



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