South Coast Artists Open Studios: Introduction

A Journey through the world of the South Coast Artists
Or Prologue to Abigael and Marianne’s SCA Road Trip

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Last year, in my first summer back in Rhode Island, I learned of an open studio tour across the bay from where I was living at the time. They had put their pamphlet in the community racks of both the coffee shop and the gallery I worked at. However, last summer was one of the busiest and least enjoyed ones I’ve experience between working both jobs non stop, with only one family event of fun. So when I saw the flyers for this year’s event, I was BOUND and DETERMINED to make my way over there! My friend Marianne Lee is involved with the South Coast Artists doing volunteer photography for the group. It was fortune indeed that smiled upon us this day as her portrait shoot finished early enough to get started at 11 am when the event began.

The artists of South Coast Rhode Island and Massachusetts have opened the doors to their homes and studios to the public for 11 years now. The detailed map and countless road markers made the trip easy to navigate (at least it seemed so to the passenger on this road trip!) for the countless natives and tourists who traverse this wide span corner of southern New England. Marianne and I made our way to fourteen stops along the way meeting with at least nineteen artists along the way. This journey filled the 11-5 time frame of the event, so I can see why the artists host this event for two weekends a year. I suppose one could do it all in a day, but why would you want to?! How can you view the work properly and meet with the artists to talk about their processes in just a day?

With so many artists visited, I’m only going to discuss a select number of them split between two posts. However I will link to everyone we met along the way.

Tiverton: Jennifer Jones Rashleigh, Don Cadoret, Kelly Milukas (& Ava!), Sarah Fielding-Gunn, Katherine Lovell, Teresa Mowery of Patina Studio, Libby Manchester Gilpatric, Brenda Wrigley-ScottPeter Tirpaeck of Studio by the Sea, Sakonnet Collective (David Gonville, Padraic Manning, & Douglas Sterns), Gallery 4 (Susan Freda, Ruth Hamill, Harry Nadler, & Susan Strauss).

Little Compton: Josie Richmond (The Art Cafe) & Peter Morse Art

Westport: Sharon Hardin, Beth Easterly, Alyn Carlson, and Karen Raus

I invite you to view their work and learn more about all the South Coast Artists at their website. Expect more in depth discussion on Thursday (and most likely next Monday). Thank you to the artists for hosting such a lovely event to discover the countless creative individuals found within their community!

To be continued…

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