Sick Day: How I Fight a Cold.

It’s been a bit of a busy weekend for this gal. I attended my cousin’s wedding on Saturday, worked at my second job on Sunday morning, and have been fighting a cold since I left work. This really is the most functional I’ve been all day and when you cook your soup on the wrong burner for 40 minutes I’m not sure if I should claim any kind of functionality. However I have been FIGHTING this bug as best I can and I thought I’d share with you the different ways in which I tackle a cold.

1. TEA
I am a BIG fan of tea. Not just any tea, good tea. I’ll drink it black, green, herbal, white, oolong… you name it, I’ve probably tried it. I do bounce back and forth between teas and coffee, but when I’m sick there is only one hot liquid to rule them all. Nothing feels better on the back of a sore throat or unclogs your nose like a good cuppa.

2. SOUP (Preferably Chicken-ish)
The next best hot liquid one can have is some sort of hearty, broth based soup. (Don’t mess with the creamy ones.) I made my own pot of soup before fully crashing yesterday. I’ve been adding more broth and veggies to it. Best garnish: Pesto and Parmesan Cheese!

When I’m sick, I usually want something a little more substantial than water. I always get OJ to help tackle the Vitamin-C department. Make sure you get a good brand (No Simply Orange). Cream of the crop being Indian River if you can get your hands on it.

I usually go for oranges when sick, but all the oranges came from south of the equator. It’s not quite citrus season yet up in this hemisphere I guess. Instead I went for a bag of apples from New York. Maybe I’ll make a nice sauce or pie with the leftovers when I feel better. Pomegranates were also in season too!

I don’t like taking that many over the counter drugs, in fact I’ll avoid them for as long as one can. I used to work at a pharmacy, so I know all the OTC’s pretty well and which ones I need for each stage of the cold. I gotta say, I miss the days of NyQuil with pseudoephedrine. Before it was discovered that people were making meth with it that formula could not only knock me out for the night, it made it possible to breathe!
Vitamins are important too! I’m just out at the moment. Sigh.

Yup. It not only helps you breathe but is hands down the best mosquito bite remedy I’ve EVER USED. This comes from a literal mosquito magnet. This is also a fan favorite of my dad.

I’m fading fast here and I still need to eat and do some research. Let’s hope tomorrow brings a more “sound worse than I feel” stage of the cold. It usually does. How do you all fight a cold?

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