Sandra Erbacher, “Standard Deviations”

On a very busy Saturday, I made a conscious effort to make it over to GRIN for Sandra Erbacher‘s “Standard Deviations”. The concept of taking institutionalized objects and engaging them in a way that doesn’t conform to those standards is certainly one that I can appreciate. (Seven years of working for corporate retail will do that to a person)

"Appendix 7", Bic Pen on Paper

“Appendix 7”, Bic Pen on Paper

Take the carpet on the wall for example (Resistance Weave). I found the concept simply fascinating as one never looks up at a typical office rug, let alone one with anarchist symbols carved upon it. The texture became mesmerizing after gazing at it for some time, but the change of natural gaze was what really struck me.


“Resistance Weave (Marconi Action Back Sparkle II)”


“Resistance Weave (Marconi Action Back Sparkle II)” Detail

Sandra Erbacher is new to Providence after completing her MFA from University of Wisconsin-Madison, which word on the street is that they have a fantastic MFA program. I was quite dismayed when I missed out on her artist talk as I’m sure it would have been even more illuminating on the nature of this thought provoking body of work. Last day to catch the show is Saturday… you can bring your Valentine for some arty debate.

"Gnaw", Museum Bench, Solid Maple.

“Gnaw”, Museum Bench, Solid Maple.


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