RISD Museum: Design the Night-Blueprint

Sometimes the universe takes you exactly where you need to be and tonight my cohort and I made an impromptu trip to the RISD Museum after realizing that we had dates mixed up for our original plans. Tonight was their Design the Night opening reception for Drawing Ambience: Alvin Boyarsky and the Architectural Association which meant that the museum was free and open to the public.


Zaha Hadid, “Sperm Table”, Photographic Print with Hand Applied Bronze Paint mounted to Foamcore, 1988 (My favorite in the show)

View of "Drawing Ambience" Installation

View of “Drawing Ambience” Installation

Installation view of Bernard Tschumi's lithographs.

Installation view of Bernard Tschumi’s lithographs.

The drawings on display explored so many possibilities of line and form found within the realms of architecture. We heard co-curator, Jan Howard, speak on the work describing how some of the artists of that time were inspired by the moon landing and felt that anything was truly possible. Going through the exhibition again, you could see that vision jumping out at you in many of the works on display. What really got my attention were the window displays set into the walls. This created a striking balance between art exhibit and historical diorama diverting from the usual work on the wall mentality. The displays really gave the work of the exhibition not only the respect they were due as works of art, but also that of archival documents.


Ilya Utkin, “The Intelligent Market”, Etching and plate tone on paper, 1987


Michael Gold & Marion Masheder, “Site Plan, Typical Flats, and View of the Tower”, 1981 (Color reminds me of Moebius)


Daniel Libeskind, “Untitled” (from the series “Theatrum Mundi”), Pen and Ink, Brush and Ink Wash, Graphite, 1984

As Brooke is a museum member (will be accessing my free artist membership sometime soon…), we were able to access the Members’ Lounge, a new feature for museum members to be able to hear in depth discussions on the current opening. They also had very engaging activities for the crowd (a bowl of Legos on each table! Yeehaw!), especially one in which one person described how/why the RISD museum was important to them and the other would draw how their representation of that reason. My drawing was very simplistic as Brooke comes to reset herself, but my story was more about a tied history as my grandmother and aunts used to bring us here as children.

Brooke's reset button as drawn by me.

Brooke’s reset button as drawn by me.

My visits to the Museum Mummy with my grandmother as drawn by Margie.

My visits to the Museum Mummy with my grandmother as drawn by Margie.

Noel's reason as drawn by Brooke.

Noel’s reason as drawn by Brooke.

All in all, it was exactly what we needed tonight! Art is therapy, not just by making, but even by being surrounded by it. I look forward to securing my artist’s membership.

Eduardo Paolozzi, "B.A.S.H", Color Screenprint and Collage on Paper, 1971 (Brooke's favorite!)

Eduardo Paolozzi, “B.A.S.H”, Color Screenprint and Collage on Paper, 1971 (Brooke’s favorite!)

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