Relay Week 4, Day 1 & Week 3 Recap


Relay Week 3 was AMAZING! It was the perfect break after TWO weeks of intense art making and David’s projector based installation was simple in aesthetic, yet complex in it’s execution. I unfortunately missed out on the big push Friday night when installing the projectors, but as a person with only moderate computer skills, I would have just been moral support. David Namhon Kim’s Diatom Dance responded to vocals within the gallery, with (much) larger than life diatoms scattering in a flurry against a gallery full of tulle. At some point I will post video, but I’m sad to say that I myself am having connectivity issues between phone and computer (oi vey).

RelayFB4Jennifer Avery started setting up The Curiosity Shoppe today! She’ll be in during gallery hours Wed-Thurs (1-5) giving a performance as the Proprietess, as well as Fri (12-4) & Sat (4-7) hours.

This has been an amazing few weeks. My apologies again if the blog has not been the priority, but worry not! I have big plans for quite a few things involving this once this exhibition is done.


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