Relay Week 2, Day 1

RelayFB2So with a mostly cleaned up space, Mary Kudlak began her installation today at the gallery! She’ll be at the gallery 10-7 through the week constructing an entire backyard out of cardboard, tape, paint, and hot glue. Her piece The Party’s Over will make you think you’ve walked in on the aftermath of the biggest rager of the year.

Mary got started on several aspects of the piece today while I ran around a bit like a crazy woman. I made two trips to the recycling center (with two more to go), home depot for oops paint, and the post office. Hopefully tomorrow I can get going on being a good assistant for Mary, helping her make numerous pieces for her installation.

We are having TWO openings… Friday 6-8 & Sat 12-3. Trying to cover all bases for the holiday weekend.

MARY KUDLAK is a Los Angeles based visual artist. Her work ranges from 2D prints and paintings to 3D objects and installation work. Focusing mainly on domestic spaces, her work presents the viewer with scenes of everydayness. Sometimes ironic, often comical imagery along with multiple perspectives combine to create playful visuals that the artist carries throughout all mediums. She received her BFA in studio art from the University of Rhode Island and her MFA in printmaking with a thesis in sculpture from Pratt Institute. Her exhibition venues include kunsthalle Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, NY; Lot 53 Art Space in Los Angeles, CA; Cabarrus Art Center in concord, NC; Feinstein Gallery in Providence, RI; and Cushing Gallery in Newport, RI.

The Party’s Over
“I think of my installations as cartoonlike embellishments of reality. They incorporate off-sized, vividly painted, soft edged and sometimes outlined objects within the rigid structure of the art gallery. Multiple perspectives and slight distortions are reactions to my own pursuit of happiness. I misrepresent imagery that I encounter and struggle with daily, in efforts to make light and fun of what often weighs me down.

Procrastination is my biggest enemy but I have learned to accept that it is my motivation for making and the method of my creating.
My work is about my struggle with everydayness; willpower, anxieties, love, forever, dust bunnies, checking my email, paying my bills, split ends, etc. My struggles may pale in comparison to yours.

“The Party’s Over’’ explores the extremes of even the simplest of domestic scenarios. For every high there is a low. For every party there is a mess to clean up. It is visual representation of the metaphorical rollercoaster of my everyday, excitable then anxious then calm again. I explore and exaggerate the many small things that push and pull at me. I make these installations to distract me from the struggle of my everyday, to postpone my own reality a little while longer.”

My apologies for the lack of post on Thursday. Combination of no internet with extreme exhaustion did not allow for it. I will be creating a new page here on the site with pictures from my installation soon.

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