Not Gone… But a bit Overloaded

Hello there!

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog front here for most of the summer. With my first BIG curatorial project and installation consuming most of June and all of JULY, my focus had not been here that much. I would try to get a post up to keep you all abreast of what was going on with that show, but it was never as heavy or insightful as I would have liked it to have been. I completely missed Week 5 (apologies to Max… but Sandra Erbacher did him far more justice than I could have that week on the Big, Red, & Shiny site) and had written the majority of Kevin Gilmore‘s studio piece well before it was posted (think spring for draft 1). I expected August to be a month of really getting back into the blog! Getting drafts written! Seeing so much more art! How wrong I was about the first two…

Between work at my other two (and a half) jobs ramping up a bit and family descending into town, I haven’t had the real mental energy to even write this apologetic post until now (though it’s been on my mind). Toss in rounds of failing health and hospital trips for two of my grandmothers and… well you just have recipe for no real energy for the writing aspect of anything. I made a trip down to Tampa and BACK on Saturday and let’s just say that I’m still recovering from flying 4 flights between 2 airlines on 2 hours of sleep.

The endless array of external commitments is only part of the “lack of posts” problem… When I post, I want the QUALITY of my writing to matter most, not the frequency with which I post to dominate. I can tell you that the Monday/Thursday schedule was GREAT in the beginning! It forced me to go to events, get writing, and spread the word about what was going on. However, I feel that the last minute posts began to dominate the blog more and more and that the deadlines just became something to resent. And that’s not healthy… or is it and I just have to break through that wall? Whatever the answer, I’d like to be writing daily but maybe working on refining more than posting so frequently.

I’m not dropping off the face of the earth, but until I get a good backlog of my studio visits fully written and ready for primetime, expect the bi-monthly schedule at least for the foreseeable future. Until then hope that you too are enjoying this beautiful (if a bit too MUGGY at times) summer!



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