NCECA Inspired Exhibitions III

So whatever cold bug that’s been going around has finally made its way through this gal’s immune system, but I wanted to wrap up the NCECA series with photos from the other places that I went to last Friday and what you can still see for yourself around town!

AS220 Project Space & Reading Room


Wally Schwab, stoneware


Mika Seeger, woodfired stoneware


“Liminal Sheds”, Collaborative Set Design with Ceramic Sculptures by Meredith Younger & Surfaces by Eric Loundy


“Womb/Tomb”,  Ceramic Sculptures by Meredith Younger & Surfaces by Eric Loundy

AS220 Main Gallery Space


Larry Bush, Dave Kane, Erik Bush, & Andrew Raferty, “Every Plate Tells a Story 1-9”, Pressed Stoneware, Glaze Printed, Digital Transfers,


Greg Rebis, “10, 10, 20”, Print on Ceramic


David Allyn, “No Smoking (1-3)”, Porcelain

Candita Clayton Gallery


Janice Jakielski


Shannon Wallack, “Geode”, Slipcast Ceramics, 2013


Alia Pialtos “Pull (small gold)”, ceramic, 2015

Still on display around town & a bit beyond:

The Chazan Gallery at Wheeler: HIfire RESolutions: 3D Printing in Clay (Until April 3!)

Attleboro Arts Museum: Eclectic Traditions – Works by Faculty and Alumni of Massachusetts College of Art (Until April 3!)

Warwick Museum of Art: CCRI Ceramics Invitational (Until April 4)

University of Rhode Island Project Space: Sheepshanks and Bowlines (Until April 7)

Sol Koffler Gallery: 2015 National Student Juried Exhibition (Until April 9)

The Bristol Art Museum at Linden Place: Sculptural Explorations: Resource Consumption, Creation, and Trade (Until April 19)

Machines With Magnets: Untamed Objects (Until April 24)

Cade Tompkins Projects: Human Moments (Until April 25)



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