Movie Night: Into the Woods

I really did try to go to another gallery again, but I hit a more scientific exhibition over the art one I thought would be up. That’s what I get for not reading dates properly. Instead, I will share the rare treat of a movie review! I don’t often get to see movies, but I’m a huge film fan and love the movie going experience. To give you some perspective, the last movie I saw in theaters was Snowpiercer this summer, which was AMAZING!

Into the Woods had a phenomenal cast! Meryl Streep was sensational in each scene and she really belted it out. For a witch who regained her beauty after years of a haggled look, I applaud the use of 60+ years old Meryl as the standard of beauty. Disney could have easily used a younger actress, after all Bernadette Peters was in her late 30’s when she played the role in the original stage production of the 80’s. But I swear Meryl Streep brought a sense of grace with her ageless beauty to the role of the witch. Even when fretting over Rapunzel, she still seemed maternal. Meryl Streep acts her heart out in every role, which is probably why she has 3 and has been nominated for 19 Academy Awards.

Bringing in James Corden and Emily Blunt as the Baker and his wife was great. I love Emily Blunt as an actress and thought that she had a lovely voice. Bringing in the lesser known in the US James Corden was a brilliant move. To get quite nerdy here, his two adventures with the eleventh Doctor are probably the only episodes of the Matt Smith Doctor Who years that I truly enjoy. I’m glad to see him building a US presence in the Hollywood scene with this film.

Hands down, my FAVORITE scene was the “Agony”scene with Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen as the two princes. It was ridiculously silly and fun complete with shirt ripping and overtly, over dramatic expressions and flair. I believe that on NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour’s podcast on this film they thought Pine’s performance very self aware and Shatneresque. (I can’t be the first person to have made that word up).

I did have that outside influence of the podcast and when Johnny Depp as the wolf came on, I admit their was influence from that in how I perceived this. I did agree that he seemed disturbingly lecherous compared to the original cast, especially considering that in the film Red Riding Hood was played by a younger girl. I recommend watching these back to back as it really solidifies this in my mind.

All in all, I really enjoyed Into the Woods. I had forgotten most of the plot since I was in middle school the only time I’ve seen it. Though the cast was mostly amazing, with some great support from Lucy Punch and Christine Barinski, I felt that there were a few weak links (Rapunzel… meh). And maybe that it could have been a bit more diverse as they were okay with a diverse set of background characters.

Movie Night was enjoyable however. Mockingjay was our first pick, but it wasn’t playing. The Imitation Game was an option, but I think that though it would have been an amazing performance piece, I needed to enjoy a fun film right now. If you haven’t seen it, go. It’ll be fun.

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