“interstice” at Candita Clayton Gallery

LAST Friday night* marked the middle of a three night series of openings that I had planned on attending. This event I had been planning on attending long before I even knew who the artists. This was the first opening of the season at the Candita Clayton Gallery, which had been closed for the summer. Located at the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, I first had the pleasure of visiting this space and meeting Candita during the Winter Farmers Market. Ever since then, I had been hoping to attend one of her receptions which presented itself in the form of interstice, an exhibition featuring the work of Max Van Pelt and Kristen Street.

interstice explores the idea of commonly occurring, intervening spaces that lie in between things and how they are often overlooked. This exhibition pairs two artists who work linear abstractions (both with drawing and sculptures) in ways that entice the viewer to engage with both negative and positive space. Their work differentiates aesthetically after that, but contained in this space they engage in an engaging, organic dialogue.

photo 2(9)

Max Van Pelt, Installation View

Max Van Pelt‘s drawings and sculptures combine a base form of intersecting straight lines with bright colors and alternative shapes. Van Pelt’s work blends the architectural with expression, each with a unique and lively message. A line up of small scale, stainless steel sculptures act as animated caricatures with a spritely spirit. There’s a strong element of play and a subtle curiosity in how each piece interacts with the space in which it resides.

photo 2(10)

Max Van Pelt

If Van Pelt’s work has the colorful movement of a samba, then Kristen Street‘s contributes with a graceful ballet. Street’s body of work plays with an aesthetic that mimics a fluidity found in organic form and movement. While use of color is explored in her drawings, they speak in softer tones as watercolors flow with the curvy linear elements of the work. In her wire sculptures, Street uses a variety of thinner gauges lightly twisted together. Much like her drawings, these objects flow an organic manner with negative and positive space playing off another to create the illusion of movement.

photo 3(9)

Kristen Street

As always it was lovely talking with the artists and meeting some of the people who came to the opening. That week was a busy reception week from what I heard that night from the people I talked with. I certainly had a 1-2-3-Break-4 agenda of events! Looking forward to the next show at Candita Clayton and hopefully another busy weekend of openings soon!

photo 1(10)

Kristen Street, Installation View

*Yes… you read that right. This got delayed a bit, but I still delivered! BEFORE MIDNIGHT TOO!

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