IMAGO Gallery

Robert Pillsbury, "Swirls", Cut Paper

Robert Pillsbury, “Swirls”, Cut Paper

Since I’ve been mostly East Bay bound these last few weeks, I’ve been on a hunt for spaces that I haven’t been to before in the area. The IMAGO Gallery was recommended to me earlier this week by one of their members and since they are open Thursdays (aka blog day!) I made my way up. On display, IMAGO has their 2015 Open Community Exhibition which drew in works from local artists of numerous media.

Hayley Perry, "Home Embers", Mixed/Media Canvas.

Hayley Perry, “Home Embers”, Mixed/Media Canvas.

Michael Somers, "Large Dish" & "Striped Dish", Glass

Michael Somers, “Large Dish” & “Striped Dish”, Glass

IMAGO is a non-profit arts organization with an artist membership that’s usually represented on their walls, however they do invite guest artists and host juried exhibitions in their programming. Though slightly dismayed at not seeing the work of the people who are a part of this group, there was plenty to look at on the walls.

Margaret A. Lee, "Reconsidered", Mixed Media.

Margaret A. Lee, “Reconsidered”, Mixed Media.

Cindy Daniels, "Roof Rambling #2", Ink/Velvet

Cindy Daniels, “Roof Rambling #2”, Ink/Velvet

Once again I got into a lively discussion with a gallery sitter, who happened to be one of their newer members (Carl Keitner). He gave me a bit of information on the exhibition, but we discussed the importance of the arts within communities as well as the wealth of good writing to be found in the New Yorker. Gentle reminder for those out there… DO TALK TO THE GALLERY SITTERS. Art is to be discussed, not just observed.

CC Wolf, "Illuminations", Gouache/Mixed Media

CC Wolf, “Illuminations”, Gouache/Mixed Media

Martha Antaya, "Mask and Shards II", Clay/Shards

Martha Antaya, “Mask and Shards II”, Clay/Shards

Word to the wise seeking this space… DON’T use google maps as a reference. They have their old location on file. They are on Market St in Warren next to a theater. Can’t miss it! It’s an impressive space with a lovely storefront window.

Ed McAlhoon, "Get A Grip", Glass/Found Materials

Ed McAlhoon, “Get A Grip”, Glass/Found Materials

Patricia Wagner, "Cosmos", Gourd

Patricia Wagner, “Cosmos”, Gourd

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