Gorgeous Weekend of Art

Spring has been slowly emerging this year, but then again it had to combat its way against the worst winter that I’ve ever lived through (I’ve NEVER seen the bay freeze over like that!). So here, on the first weekend of May, we had absolutely gorgeous weather! It may have spurred a bit of spring fever in us all, but I must say there was a myriad of events that one could attend this past weekend. TEDx Providence, RISD sale, Independent Bookstore Day, Marathon, Early Cinco de Mayo shenanigans, etc. All to be done around going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather that we’ve longed for over these last few months.

Meredith Stern, "Tatyana Yenishevsky", Linoleum Block Print, 2014

Meredith Stern, “Tatyana Yenishevsky”, Linoleum Block Print, 2014

Where did I go on this lovely spring weekend (besides work)? I started off my Friday by going to “A Stitch in Time”, a group show curated by artist Meredith Stern held at 186 Carpenter. I sauntered over as this gallery is within reasonable walking distance from my house. There was a big crowd, but I think that it probably got bigger after I left as there was music still to be played. Meredith’s huge printed portraits were displayed next to the artistic works of her subjects in nice pairings. It is one thing to see the work of the artist who’s portraying another artist, but adding the work of the latter adds a new element to build the narrative and make it stronger overall. In a way, you get both sides of the story.

Tatyana Yaniskevsky, "Methyl Acetate (In the Atmosphere)", Chemical Spill Model, Paper, Yarn, 2015

Tatyana Yaniskevsky, “Methyl Acetate (In the Atmosphere)”, Chemical Spill Model, Paper, Yarn, 2015

Saturday turned into an extremely ambitious day for me. Running on a mere TWO HOURS of sleep (something I’ve not experienced in YEARS!), I not only dropped my roommate off at the RISD Student/Alumni Sale in time for him to register and set up, but also returned after breakfast on foot (1/2 hour walk), explored the sale, bought some art, walked to the AS220 Project Space, saw more art, walked home, and then WORKED an 8 hour shift. While I wouldn’t recommend operating on a regular lack of sleep to anyone, it is nice to remind one’s self that one is made of sterner stuff.

The RISD Student/Alumni Sale was grand fun and I’m glad that I went. There were so many great artists selling their wares of every variety from ceramics, drawings, textiles, leather goods, and even huge glass clams! I picked up two small prints, though I wanted so much more. One of the Superman Building here in Providence in purple and gold hues and the other of a lovely little city scene at night (I got lucky edition number 7).


Swinging by the AS220 Project Space, I was lucky enough to catch Neal Walsh before he headed over to Cellar Stories Books (I was tempted by the 40% off prospects, but I resisted. Book stores do too much damage to my wallet. Only libraries for this gal at the moment). The texture and color of Sharon Cutts’ Wall People was certainly eye catching, but I found myself especially drawn to the work in the Reading Room. Pia Ward’s series I Am Collateral Damage makes such a powerful statement utilizing artifacts, drawing, text, and collage to weave the stories of those lost or almost forgotten in the 1982 Lebanon War, which the artist survived.

Pia Ward, "The Horses of Kaldeh"

Pia Ward, “The Horses of Kaldeh”

To round of the weekend, Sunday was more of an errand day after work, but I got even more walking in. All in all, quite a full and lovely one.


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