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After making a pit stop at Venda Ravioli (for what else but ravioli), I was determined to head over to Gallery Z on Atwells Ave to see how it’s changed since my last visit well over a year ago. Change indeed has come over this space, but only because they have expanded and assigned each space a different purpose. While the new Studio Z, which is down the hill, has become the main exhibition space Gallery Z has become more of a gift shop filled with art and artisan crafts.


Judith Ferrara, “To Sicily 2”, Mixed Media




Michael Sherman, “Edificio (Italy)”, Oil on Canvas

I can understand the push towards a more retail friendly space on Federal Hill. After all it’s more of a nightlife scene these days that wouldn’t necessarily encourage large art sales. There used to be a gallery a few blocks down the street (the Chabot Gallery), but all that’s there now is a sign that says “For Sale” in the window. Very sad indeed as I enjoyed the work I had seen there one Gallery Night. Gallery Z is adapting I’m sure and they can send their customers towards the studio space.


Kevourk Mourad, “Untitled”, Acrylic on Aluminum


Kevourk Mourad, “Eros IV”, Acrylic on Linen


Alan Metnick, “Elijah Hagaddah (Boxed Set) (7)”, Serigraph Print


Harut Aghajanian, “Untitled”, Acrylic on Paper


Postcard of Hakop Kojoyan, “Mounedig (The Messenger)”, 1924


Cards of 15th Century Armenian Manuscripts depicting the signs of the Zodiac.

On display in the main space is a collection of Armenian artwork and craft paired with the work of local artists. In the side room they had artisan Venetian glass works and other art reminiscent of Italy, which one would expect when they visit Federal Hill. I picked up a few of the Armenian cards as I’m a sucker for historic illustration (saw the Book of Kells in real life… magnificent!) and if I hadn’t picked up my mom’s birthday gift already I would have here.


John Hunter Housley


John Hunter Housley


Donalyn Schofield, “Electronic Torso”, Mixed Media Construction




Studio Z is closed on Sundays, otherwise I would have headed down, but Gallery Z is obviously a place that you could notice different things with every glance. Plenty of things to see or gifts to buy lie within these walls. I wonder what they’ll shift towards next when they transition from the Armenian art.



Armenian Tea Set





Armen Vahramian, “Untitled”, Oil on Linen

Enjoy the image heavy post this week! Consider it as an apology for the more recent wordier ones, including the movie review.


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