Creative Art Criticism Assignment 1

Fighting the same cold that keeps coming back for more (ugh). I’ve consumed everything I could feasibly purchase from Whole Foods (turmeric juice, orange juice, kombucha, etc.), taken the good ol’ OTC drugs (pseudophedrine and guiafenisin do your work!), and even retried the neti pot (I felt like the water touched my brain! *shudders*). But in spite of that, I had enough energy for an online class that I’ve been taking on Creative Art Criticism. In lieu of the usual shenanigans of travels, I will share with you my first assignment: Making a statement of where the art world will be towards the end of the 21st century. I warn you… I went full on sci fi on this assignment!

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I decided to head into the realm of science fiction with this assignment and imagine a world where we head further into the digital realm and are at the whims of a singular corporation. Here is the example of an advertisement for where the arts would be in that world should we head there. Couldn’t kick it out of my mind all week imagining this futuristic landscape.

However I do see trends now of the “inner” artist, I suppose more in the photographic world with everyone using their phones and social media as their “artistic” outlet or as part of their career. Also people building whole worlds in Minecraft or spending much time gaming. So why wouldn’t the arts head in a similar direction if the rest of the world dove into that. I suppose that’s the beauty of the arts though, as much as others may dismiss them, they always find a way to somehow be a part of human culture.

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