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Coffee shops can be great venues for artists to display their work. It’s a balance of finding the right place and getting a good vibe from the owners, but it can be a good step in exhibiting work, especially for emerging artists. The patrons of the coffee shop get exposed to your work when they get much needed caffeine, though the regular customers may take some time before they see it. For example, it took some customers a few days before they noticed paint jobs back when I worked at a shop. The artist has leverage as well as they can bring new customers from their supporters to the shop potentially creating new customers for the business. Mutually beneficial when done right!



Virgina Delgado


I intended on going there any way, as I make sure to whenever I’m in Bristol, but when the Bristol Art Museum wasn’t open I headed straight to Angelina’s for a coffee and art fix. Angelina’s has delicious coffee made via pour over method and I, as a bit of a coffee snob, love being able to pick which one I’d like to drink. They bring in different coffees from a few different roasters including New Harvest and Blue Bottle.


Tom Deiniger

So not only did I get a delicious and beautiful (sorry… just going to have to take my word for it as I forget to take latte art pictures all the time) breve cortado, I got my art fix and small adventure for the day.



I also walked outside on the coldest day ever, so no excuses for not running tomorrow when it warms up to (as the bus driver said) a balmy 28 degrees in the am! Also after seeing beautiful panoramic photos of Antarctica, I guess that I can toughen up.

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