Gallery Z

After making a pit stop at Venda Ravioli (for what else but ravioli), I was determined to head over to Gallery Z on Atwells Ave to see how it’s changed since my last visit well over a year ago. Change indeed has come over this space, but only because they have expanded and assigned each space a different purpose. While Continue Reading →

Jamestown Arts Center 2014 Members’ Show

Tonight brought some unexpected changes to my initial itinerary, but I’m glad that I made them as I got to see work I might otherwise not have seen and met up with Hera based artists outside of our usual setting. I also made the trek to another gallery, but I must say that I enjoyed myself much more at this Continue Reading →

At First Glance: “Collectors III Discerning Eyes”

As tonight was a night filled with not only an exhibition full of fantastic work, but four splendid performances as well, I’m still reeling a little bit from visual/sensory overload. Sometimes I can whip out my thoughts and impressions quickly, but tonight is not one of those nights. I’d like to give this the discussion it deserves yet still give Continue Reading →

“Mile High, Red Hot” at Yellow Peril

Last week at Yellow Peril Gallery, GarcĂ­a Sinclair and Nafis White opened their exhibition Mile High, Red Hot. If you’ve seen the promotional card for Mile High, Red Hot, it does NOT prepare you for the plentiful, confectionery free for all it entails. Amidst the exhibition of prints, digital, and mixed media is the Confiserie, an installation laden with an Continue Reading →