Coffee Shops & Art

Coffee shops can be great venues for artists to display their work. It’s a balance of finding the right place and getting a good vibe from the owners, but it can be a good step in exhibiting work, especially for emerging artists. The patrons of the coffee shop get exposed to your work when they get much needed caffeine, though Continue Reading →

Iron Pour at The Steel Yard

I had been meaning to check out The Steel Yard for awhile now, as it’s been a place I’ve seen posting interesting things on social media and in discussions with friends. The opportunity to head down presented itself in the 9th Annual Iron Pour which had a mad science theme. I was able to meet up with a few friends Continue Reading →

Armory Farmers Market

Taking a break from art today to talk a little more about exploring the world around me, specifically my neighborhood and local farmer’s market. I’ve recently moved back up to Providence after a period of over two decades away and I live in a neighborhood I’ve never really known before. The Armory District has a lot to offer and there Continue Reading →