Gorgeous Weekend of Art

Spring has been slowly emerging this year, but then again it had to combat its way against the worst winter that I’ve ever lived through (I’ve NEVER seen the bay freeze over like that!). So here, on the first weekend of May, we had absolutely gorgeous weather! It may have spurred a bit of spring fever in us all, but Continue Reading →

Carry That Weight

So tonight at Brown University, the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center and the Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Relationship Abuse sponsored a talk from artist Emma Sulkowicz, whose senior thesis art project at Columbia has made major waves in the discussion of rape in our society. With the performance piece “Carry That Weight”, Sulkowicz must keep with her a mattress like Continue Reading →

Black Holes of Endless Art

Hello everyone! It has been a quiet week for art related events on my end, so I’ve been wracking my brain as what to write. I have an extremely personal piece that I might post on Thursday, but it’s still pretty raw and rough at the moment. In the meanwhile, I figured I’d share something on a MUCH lighter note: Continue Reading →

Perceptions and Presumptions

Recently, I had someone visit the gallery who actually engaged with me in a conversation about the work. It’s exceedingly RARE when anyone talks to me about our artists and our work, so I was quite excited to do so. The only way to get better at discussing artwork is to do so frequently. The gentleman who stopped by was Continue Reading →