Black Holes of Endless Art

Hello everyone!

It has been a quiet week for art related events on my end, so I’ve been wracking my brain as what to write. I have an extremely personal piece that I might post on Thursday, but it’s still pretty raw and rough at the moment. In the meanwhile, I figured I’d share something on a MUCH lighter note: How I use social media to find much of the art that makes its way into my head.

#1: Pinterest
Pinterest is an amazing tool! It is incredibly easy to discover new work being exhibited on a global level. If you really wanted to (and some days I really want to) you could have a board for every genre/medium/artist/etc to keep track of all the art on there. I’m NOT that savvy (though sometimes I wish that I was) as I only have two art boards. One for pretty much ALL THE ART and an illustrative art board that includes quite a bit of conceptual art. I follow a few big names like Saatchi, Artsy, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, but mostly I just delve into the abyss of the Art category. Sometimes I will be specific in what I search for, but I find it absorbing enough to just scroll through with no agenda. It’s nice to be able to access so much through one platform, but I know there’s another Pinterest like site for art called ArtStack that I dallied with once. The quality of art on there was significant, I just felt that it wasn’t quite as user friendly (at least not when I was on there).

#2: Tumblr
Tumblr is less my art go to, but by cultivating a strictly arts only feed, you could have an amazing resource at your fingertips. I have attempted this in the past a few times, but alas I always fall victim to the powers of the fandoms and animal videos.
Nonetheless, I do follow a few comic artists, The Art of Animation blog (who posts work by different artists DAILY), and have discovered new artists such as Michael Carini with enjoyable blogs. It’s definitely doable. The drawback is I’ve reblogged all this art betwixt everything else and there is no real way to look it up again without going through ALL THE POSTS! That’s a headache for a paid intern or assistant… of which I have neither. Any volunteers?

#3: Twitter
For a heavier news and mostly conversation mode media, Twitter has a great community of artists and the beauty of it is that you hear their stories through what they tweet. Twitter is my favorite media for personal use (that is unless they implement the dreaded Facebook like algorithms) and I follow quite a few artists and galleries, especially those that follow me. It’s always nice to be followed by people and not bots. I don’t see a ton of work on there, but I have artists that I follow from all over the world. If anything, twitter is best for keeping abreast of current and upcoming international exhibitions. It’s how I found out about Rain Room at MOMA last year, which for me was one of those days that altered my perceptions of what I wanted out of life. (Yes… all thanks to the POWER of TWITTER!!!)

#4: Facebook
I use Facebook primarily for keeping track of local events and exhibitions at galleries, such as Yellow Peril, GRIN, etc. There are a few artists who I keep up to date with through their page, even though I don’t use Facebook as much. I’ve felt the disconnect since the algorithms started messing with our feeds. But Yuko Shimizu has a great page that shows quite a bit of work in progress. More recently I’ve discovered Swoon Studio’s page which has been a great addition to my feed. Facebook is an invaluable tool for many artists, including my friends, and I encourage them to use it. But I feel like it’s decline is upon us (at least in the next few years) so capitalize on it WHILE YOU CAN!

Well as you can see, I am addicted to my phone and the apps it provides, but I do not waste my time needlessly in the void. I’m always looking out for interesting artists, exhibitions, and galleries through these tools. There’s so much art out there for us to discover and it’s amazing to be living in a time where much of it is at our fingertips. Utilize it in ways that connect you with other artists or for inspiration in the creation of your own work. I know that I certainly do!


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