Artist Seeking Materials

ARTIST SEEKS MATERIALS! If you have a box (or two, or three…) of old electronics, cords, chargers, etc… I’d very much like them! They will be used in my installation and to cover the ground I need, I NEED A LOT! Imagine a jungle of them… THAT’S my goal.

Why cords & old electronics? Because we all have these old devices hanging around in boxes, drawers, attics, etc. just not being used since we’ve upgraded to newer devices. However, we’ve held on to these not because we’re hoarders, but because we’ve spent good money on them and relied on them heavily until the inevitable upgrade came that we couldn’t ignore. So we boxed them up thinking ‘This will be useful again. After all, I might need it in an emergency’, but that day rarely comes until we go through a purge mode discarding them forever. This rapid forced obsolescence is something that I think goes against our very nature and that’s why I’d like to create this piece. And for that I need your help.


A sampling of what I’ve collected so far: USB cords, Firewire cords, my old Blackberry Pearl, a Palm Pilot, & chargers galore!

EVERY CORD HELPS! Please contact me if you think you can help an artist out: wandererae @ gmail . com

HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Know people in your IT department? Send their info my way! My goal is to make this a communal project. I’ve gathered some great stories behind what I’ve collected so far. I have until June 22 to gather as much as I can.

My part of Relay begins June 22 and only lasts until the 27th. There will be a reception on June 27th from 6-8pm at Hera Gallery if you’d like to see what I’ve constructed.

All materials will be recycled properly after the exhibition.

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