Armory Farmers Market

Taking a break from art today to talk a little more about exploring the world around me, specifically my neighborhood and local farmer’s market. I’ve recently moved back up to Providence after a period of over two decades away and I live in a neighborhood I’ve never really known before. The Armory District has a lot to offer and there are so many interesting houses and local businesses to discover. Every time I walk or bike around, I feel a swell of gratitude for having found my apartment (Through Craigslist!)

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The Armory Farmers Market happens every Thursday from 3:30 to 7pm and will be going until October 30th (YAY!). While I haven’t been going every week, I try whenever I can to make my way over there. I’ve had at least two occasions where I’ve gotten there for the last FIVE minutes and purchased vegetables quicker than you can say “Bob’s your uncle”. Normally, I get to walk down through my nice, quiet neighborhood, relishing the fact that I can indeed WALK to the farmers market. There’s a nice variety of basic farm stand vendors to choose from as well as a few specialty foods vendors. I usually just hit up the farm stands, but every now and again I’ll get a decaf iced coffee from The Coffee Guy or tacos from the Mijos taco truck (YUM).

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I always stop by the mushroom stand to admire the beautiful ones they have for sale, which change from week to week. It’s usually a quiet booth, so I always chat with the girl at the booth. She says that for her stand it’s a quieter market and that some of the other ones are much busier. If I were a mushroom person, I would be game to try some of these colorful varieties. Usually I am game for trying new things, but something about fungi just throws me off, so they’ve been placed with reptiles and insects as things I won’t ingest (knowingly).

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The park was quieter tonight than it has been this summer, but still abuzz with children playing and people enjoying the warmth of the summer evening. If I had more time I would have liked to indulge in some mini golf which has been temporarily set up at the other end of the park. Hopefully I can swing a round in before it disappears, but for now I just try to bask in the warmth I feel when I get to just explore. You can notice so much more by walking and biking around your neighborhood than from a car, engaging with the space in a much more direct way. I highly recommend discovering what your neighborhood has hidden off the beaten track whenever possible.


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