By Appointment Only

When I made my appointment to see Yellow Peril Gallery’s off hours exhibition, I had no idea that the work would be (somewhat) tailored towards me and my preferences. Van and Robert have been shifting the work around the space constantly between visits, though I’m guessing that’s mostly the smaller work. I couldn’t imagine them shifting the larger installations. While Continue Reading →

IMAGO Gallery

Since I’ve been mostly East Bay bound these last few weeks, I’ve been on a hunt for spaces that I haven’t been to before in the area. The IMAGO Gallery was recommended to me earlier this week by one of their members and since they are open Thursdays (aka blog day!) I made my way up. On display, IMAGO has Continue Reading →

Gallery Z

After making a pit stop at Venda Ravioli (for what else but ravioli), I was determined to head over to Gallery Z on Atwells Ave to see how it’s changed since my last visit well over a year ago. Change indeed has come over this space, but only because they have expanded and assigned each space a different purpose. While Continue Reading →