Happy Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

I had an intense weekend in which I absorbed quite a bit of amazing contemporary art. I’m still processing it all at the moment, but expect a big segment on December 1st that will kick off a new monthly post. However in preparation for Thanksgiving shenanigans, I thought I’d share my favorite dessert that I have incorporated into my traditions Continue Reading →

Where to go Saturday Night, 11/22/14

There’s quite a bit going on this weekend here in Providence. Maybe it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving rush to do all the things before everyone has to cook and/or travel.  In this flurry of pre-holiday activity, each of my usual haunts has an opening reception on Saturday night! If I didn’t have an opening to oversee at Hera Gallery, I Continue Reading →

Changes: Landscapes by Ida Schmulowitz at URI

When viewing the large scale paintings of Changes: Landscapes by Ida Schmulowitz, there are many underlying stories worked into the fibers and pigments of the canvas. Schmulowitz’s work explores not only the day to day shifts in light and season, but the long term changes that occur in our ever evolving surroundings. The world is in a state of constant Continue Reading →

“Spelunk” at Aurora Providence

On tonight’s agenda was a visit to Aurora Providence downtown to check out Spelunk: a cave party art show and trance dance. I was a little irked heading in because parking downtown can be a bit of a headache (should just take the bus to avoid the anger it induces), but the walk cooled me off. I heard about this Continue Reading →