“Surf, Skate, Sail” at Portsmouth Arts Guild

It was a busy weekend for this lady filled with numerous family events, delicious food, and multiple art stops. Finally, I was able to visit a gallery that I’ve been meaning to visit for AGES! First up was attending the opening of an exhibition hosted by the Portsmouth Arts Guld Center for the Arts. It’s been tricky to try to Continue Reading →

“Narrative” at the URI Art Gallery

I try to keep abreast of what’s going on in the art world of this small state, usually through means of social media. My move to the capital city meant that I’d be closer to the action! Less driving to where there’s more frequent events. Part of this was being able to visit more galleries, and there’s quite a few Continue Reading →

Toby Barnes, “Altared States” at Yellow Peril Gallery

I am always excited for an opening at the Yellow Peril Gallery. Part of this bias could be due to the fact that I know the owners and that they are LOVELY people. On top of that, I usually find that the quality of art they exhibit meets my tastes or at the very least is of world class caliber. Continue Reading →