2014: A Year in Review

2014: A Year in Review

As I look back at the events in my life of 2014, I can’t help but feel glad that this roller coaster year is over. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely a year of personal growth and self discovery. However for all the growth and positive events of the year, the many downs of this year that made it a rocky one overall.

2014 was definitely a year of new ventures and discoveries. To start off I completed a ten day meditation retreat that really helped me find balance and grounding. It’s a routine that I need to get back into, that and running. Following that, I curated my very first exhibition and constructed an interactive installation for it. This was probably the first work that I’ve been proud of in quite some time. It was well received and satisfied a desire to create something bigger than just photos on a wall.

After many years of dreaming of one, I had my very own vegetable garden. With several types of small tomatoes, basil, onions, and hot peppers my garden was a labor of love and learning. Woodchucks eating your pepper plants? Dust cayenne pepper powder all over those puppies and around the garden! I also began working with an artist, helping her build her digital profile and in the process discovered that I truly enjoy working with artists. I knew that I enjoyed it before, but the experience has cemented this feeling. I also started a new second job that has eased some of the financial strain that I was experiencing, but I feel that it’s only now, three months later that I’m really starting to get into the rhythm of it.

Another positive new venture, I started THIS BLOG! I’ve started blogs before in the past, via Blogger and Tumblr, but I never stuck to a routine with them. The longest any of them lasted was a few weeks. By committing myself to the Monday/Thursday schedule, I’ve maintained this endeavor for FIVE solid months. I’m not saying it was easy. There were times when I wanted to put it off until the next day, but I knew that if I did that it would mean failure on my end in the long term. I absolutely had days where I didn’t want to write and put it off ALL day, but in the end I couldn’t avoid it. In fact, some of the writing that I dreaded the most ended up being better than I thought it would be. I’m sure that the battle with my inner procrastinator will not magically end at midnight when 2014 ends, but I finally feel like that maybe I’m winning the war against it.

I took a lot of risks in 2014, finally living on my own after a year and a half of living with family (Thanks family by the way! Love you.). It was nice to return to a sense of independence, even at the expense of the savings I built in 2013. However, that rebuilding of independence seems to be at a halt at the moment as my living situation is in a state of flux. I’m sad to be leaving my apartment after several too short months, but it’s for the best and I’m sure that I’ll find something even better in the new year. Until then, I’m glad to have the support of my family for the short interim.

I also took a big hit in the grand future plans department, but one that may just delay things and has forced me to really think about what it is that I want long term. I believe that this was just another battle with my ol’ friend Procrastinator Abigael, but she won that round in the end. It was a morale crushing defeat, but not one that can totally derail everything. I still need to just jump and not let fear of failure prevent me from doing the big things.

Loss seemed to be a big theme of 2014, especially towards the end of the year with two losses of people who’s lives were cut tragically short. I know that this happens to everyone, that it’s a collective experience that none of us can escape, but that doesn’t make it any easier. If anything, it should evoke compassion for others and make the desire to live a fulfilling life that much stronger. I guess that I’m still processing all this and trying to tap into these deeper feelings.

2014 has been a year of great change and metamorphosis, but not easy ones for anyone. I don’t think that I’m alone in awaiting a 2015 that builds on this momentum forward towards a positive outcome. I wish you all a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.

Until next year… Cheers to you all.

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